Family group conference

Traditionally it is the Child Welfare Services that decides in child welfare cases, with the family then being presented with a solution determined in advance. However, with a family group conference the involvement of aunts, uncles, grandparents and other adults who know the child is mobilised on the child’ behalf.

 A family group conference is a meeting attended by members of the immediate and extended family, as well as other people of significance to the child. The meeting draws up a plan to improve the family’s situation. 

More children are able to stay at home

Family group conferences lead to more children and young people receiving help in the family and from their social network instead of being moved to a foster home or residential child care institution.

What happens in a family group conference?

These  short films show you what happens in a family group conference.

My Family Group Conference – a film for children (YouTube)

Family Group Conference – a film for parents and members of the extended family and social network (YouTube)