Are you in a forced marriage or do you fear being pressured into one? Find out where you can get help.

What is a forced marriage?

To be valid in Norway a marriage must be entered into voluntarily. A marriage is forced when

  • You feel unable to choose your own partner
  • You are unable to choose to remain unmarried
  • The marriage was entered into under psychological pressure, threats or physical violence

A forced marriage may go hand in hand with extremely authoritarian parenting, control, psychological pressure/threats or physical violence. Both boys and girls, men and women, may be subject to forced marriage. Pressure to marry also affects gays and lesbians.

Society’s efforts to combat forced marriage are based on human rights, such as freedom of choice and equality.

Do you have questions or need to talk to somebody?

  • is a Norwegian governmental website for youths where you can read articles or ask experts about forced marriage
  • The Norwegian Red Cross’s hotline, Tel.: 815 55 201 takes calls about forced marriage or genital mutilation

Other resources

Minority counsellors at upper secondary schools

A number of upper secondary schools have minority counsellors, whom you can talk to. 

Expert team for the prevention of forced marriage and genital mutilation

This team of experts provides advice and guidance to the social services and other aid agencies on matters relating to forced marriage and other honour-related violence. The team has expertise in the fields of migration, child welfare, health, security (police), immigration law, as well as labour and welfare services (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration – NAV).